This is a check list to print out and tick off items as you pack. Easy!

  1. PAINTS....bring all your faves, watercolour, acrylics, inks, charcoals for life drawing and some soft pencils- and  anything and everything you love to use for mark making! 
  2. BRUSHES- bring your faves, plus a 1" flatbrush, as well as those brushes you have had for ages but never use...this will be all about try out new ideas, techniques and designs because we have the whole week!
  3. SKETCH PAD.- Yes, that is the small sketch pad you have had for ages but never put anything in or on... we will fill that no worries!
  4. 5 SHEETS OF CARTRIDGE PAPER for life drawing and sketching.
  5. At least  3 x FULL SHEETS WATERCOLOUR PAPER OR PADS  - nothing lighter than 300grms please . Saunders Waterford or Arches are very good- I prefer Arches. Prepare these before you arrive by tearing into half sheet or smaller. It will pack beautifully between two same size pieces of  COREFLUTE that you can use to rest on while painting.
  6. 2 x SHEETS of  COREFLUTE, slightly larger than the largest sheet of paper you will be working on. Coreflute ( plastic cardboard from the local hardware shop...get the thicker version available) is to rest on while painting and to pack your papers between  when packing your suitcase.
  7. KITCHEN PAPER and a piece of old towel to dry your brush on.
  8. KNEADABLE  eraser.
  9. LARGE WATER CONTAINER- I love the large Greek Yoghurt 1 litre size containers... need plenty of clean water for those brushes...dirty water = dirty colours in the painting.
  10. SPRAY BOTTLES...small and a larger one for mark probably won't need a mister spray as with the humidity, drying out too soon will not be an issue.
  11. CANVAS - only needed if you want to use acrylics.
  12. EASEL- We will be painting outdoors and I recommend using a folding easel. Rob has made me a brilliant one from a $10 camera tripod bought at a garage sale...perfect! If anyone would like a photo of mine , please advise and I will send you some photos of mine, so easy to convert! You may prefer to sit  while you paint but you will still need an easel of some sort.
  13. A FOLD UP CAMPING STOOL....there are many options around and the 3 legged version is light to pack and very comfortable!!
  15.  PAINT PALETTE for holding and mixing your paints on .
  16. A HAT.
  17. Something to carry all your gear in easily. You may want to put shoulder straps on your bags/ stools etc for ease of carrying around.

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